About this site

We would like to thank the contributors to this web site, in particular, the students who have contributed their comments and the many individuals who appear in images used. We would also like to recognise the support of so many teams and individuals who contributed to the development of the site and continue to ensure its value as an essential communication medium.

Alton College have been succesfully using open source technology for many years and among other achievements we have successfully implemented our virtual learning environment and individual learning plan using open source tools. This site further demonstrates our commitment to developing open source applications and services.

Drupal, the platform we have used to build our site, is one of a small number of highly successful open source content management platforms. We are proud to be using Drupal to power our web site. The look and feels of the site has been developed from the Acquia Marina theme published by Top Notch Themes. Numerous modules have been used to expand the functionality of the site.