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Improve your Maths

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1 year
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Course Content:

This course is suitable for those who lack confidence in Maths. If you do not have a GCSE in Maths at grade C (4) or above, or a National Test Level 2 qualification, you may be able to attend this course. You will study in a small group at your own pace. The course will help you to improve your skills in dealing with money, doing calculations and measuring. You will work individually on the areas that you find difficult, and will take a nationally recognised qualification, usually at the end of the course.

Topics may cover any or all of the following:

  • using a calculator
  • financial calculations
  • using metric systems
  • multiplying and dividing
  • fractions and decimals


Studying at Alton College:

You will work in a small, friendly group with plenty of one-to-one support. You will have access to computers during the lessons.


An interview is required before you can enrol on this course.


You will be given the opportunity to take a qualification in adult numeracy towards the end of the course. Exam dates and times will be set by negotiation with the tutor and the exam board.



Maths GCSE


Course Costs:

You will need to supply writing materials and note book/A4 file.



This is an Education and Skills Funding Agency course and you may be exempt from the tuition fee. Tuition fees for overseas students may vary from those quoted.



Unless your tutor informs you otherwise, classes will not be held on college closure days. Details regarding these dates can be found on the general information page


This leaflet is available in other formats on request