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Mathematics GCSE 2017

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What is the Mathematics GCSE course?

This Maths GCSE course is a one year linear course where you will be with other adult students who need an improved grade to the qualification they have already.  No recent experience is required, although it is preferable for you to have achieved a grade D (or 3) in Maths GCSE or equivalent.

If your Maths is very basic or you lack confidence you should consider enrolling for the ‘Improve your Maths’ course first.

The main aim of the course will be for students to gain a grade 4 (or 5) and thus the focus of the teaching will be at Foundation tier.  You may wish to do the Higher tier, to gain up to grade 9, but this will require extra study in your own time, using internet-based learning and other resources.

If you do not already have a Grade C (or grade 4) or above in GCSE Mathematics you may be able to get your course free. Please contact Adult Education on 01420 592210 for the appropriate forms rather than using Online Enrolment.

* the new grading structure will be used from September 2017

Course topics

  • Numbers and their use in everyday problems
  • Use of mathematical notation
  • Simple equations and graphs
  • Shape and Space
  • Symmetry
  • Area and volume
  • Statistics and probability

Teaching and learning

Each week you will be taught in a classroom environment which will include time spent working on exercises from a text book, worksheets or past examination papers in a pleasant and supportive atmosphere.

You will also be expected to spend up to three hours a week on work set by the tutor, some of which will be done online. Your tutor will require you to complete any unfinished exercises you started in the lesson.

There will also be formal assessments at regular intervals, including mock exams, so that you can monitor your own progress.

Assessment details

You will take 3 external examinations in May/June, two calculator papers and one non-calculator paper, all at the Foundation tier of the new GCSE Maths. With this tier you can get from grade 1 up to grade 5. Grade 4 is equivalent to an old grade C; grade 5 is now considered a "good pass".  If you self-studied the Higher tier, you may be able to get up to the highest grade 9, which is equivalent to a top grade A*

This is funded as an examination based course and students should expect to enter the examinations.


To Further and Higher Education and help gain employment or training.

Costs included

£225 tuition fee.

Examination fee.

NB: If you do not already have a grade C (or grade 4)  or above in GCSE Mathematics you may be able to get your course free. Please contact Adult Education on 01420 592210 for the appropriate forms rather than using Online Enrolment.

Extra costs

A scientific calculator (such as the Casio FX-83GT+ or Casio FX-85GT+, both about £10), textbook (approximately £20), A4 file, writing materials and lined (or squared) file paper to be brought to the first and subsequent lessons. You will need a geometry set, including a ruler, protractor, compass, pencil and rubber. It is also essential that students buy a Maths Revision Guide, two Revision Workbooks and an exercise book for writing your notes in; these can be purchased at a discounted price of approximately £12 via the college’s Online Store. The cost for these student course materials also covers numerous hand-outs, worksheets and ICT resources.


Unless your tutor informs you otherwise, classes will not be held on college closure days. Details regarding these dates can be found in the Adult Student Handbook or on the general information page 

This leaflet is available in other formats on request

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