Extended Work Placements

Frequently asked questions

  • Q: Is T Level replacing any of the current qualifications?
    A: Not at present. This is currently a standalone qualification. BTEC etc will still be part of the qualification suite available.
  • Q: We don’t have rules available for ‘unskilled’/under 18 workers!
    A: This programme is trying to address skills shortages in young people – this has the potential to change the landscape of technical education and how ready young people are for entering skilled employment.
    These students are studying a course relevant to your industry – so they will already have some skills and knowledge of the industry and have the opportunity to develop these and gain more on the job.
    With growing uncertainty around the UK work force and skills shortages – this programme has the potential to be a pipeline of work ready, engaged and motivated employees for the future.
    Although a large proportion of the young people will be 16/17 some will be turning 18 soon and in the next year. At that point, they could take on additional responsibilities.
  • Q: How does this differ from normal work experience?
    A: Work experience usually involves a student observing for 1 – 2 weeks, who may or may not have studied a relevant course. Industry placements are for a minimum of 45 days, hosting students on a relevant course who will have the time, technical skills and knowledge to add value to your business.
  • Q: We already have an intern or have committed to developing apprenticeships this year!
    A: Your current intern or apprentice could help to train up the new placement student giving each of them valuable experience.
    Industry placements should act as a complimentary youth development opportunity, helping you to develop an additional pre-apprenticeship pipeline of candidates that have already proven themselves over 45+ days in the business
  • Q: How can I balance this with core business activities?
    A: Students will be assessed to ensure they are of the suitable standard before coming to you on an industry placement. We recommend you agree their goals and responsibilities for the placement at the start and monitor their progress towards these. We are confident that given the opportunity, they will add value! We will be on hand to support/monitor and deal with any challenges should they arise, to ensure both parties get great value from the placement.
  • Q: We’re too busy to train someone!
    A: This is a great chance to get an extra pair of hands to help you out during this busy period. Students are studying a relevant course and will be able to assist and add value – potentially taking on a project over the industrial placement period.
    Hosting the industry placement will offer development opportunities for any managers/aspiring managers in your organisation.
  • Q: We’ve had a bad experience in the past!
    A: This is a NEW model of industry placement, specifically designed to address the issues previously experienced with work experience. Industry placements are considerably longer and involve students having already gathered some technical experience ready for their placement. They will be “work ready” as they will have completed preparation before their placement within their education provider.
    It would be a shame to let one bad experience/s prevent your company from having a motivated and work ready student looking to develop their skills for your industry.
    Please also take into account that we have asked the young person where they would most enjoy doing their placement and will have been specific to your actually company or industry sector. They already start with a passion and you can’t put a price on that.
  • Q: We can’t afford to pay an industry work placement!
    A: Companies are not obliged to pay students. However, we would ask you to wherever possible. Families come in many shapes and sizes. When students aren’t at college some will work P/T jobs that contribute to the family income. Starting a longer term placement may affect their capacity to earn. It is our aim to ensure that every student whatever their background gets maximum benefit from the placement.
  • Q: We work with another provider!
    A: We encourage a diverse work environment, so students interacting from different providers would be seen as very positive. They can support each other as a team on similar projects.
    There is no charge for hosting the student – so you could have students from multiple providers.
  • Q: The placement is too short and not worth our while training a young person!
    A: If the placement is successful on both sides there is the potential to signpost the student into longer term employment opportunities or an apprenticeship, once the student has completed their studies.
    Unlike an apprentice coming through the traditional pipeline, you would have had a chance to observe the candidate over a 45 + day period to be sure if they fit your business – helping with resourcing budgets and retention rates which is hugely important in this sector.
  • Q: How do we know the quality of the candidate we’ll be getting?
    A: All businesses are welcome to meet and/or interview your student ahead of the placement if you so desire.
  • Q: We don’t have the resource to do the paperwork/admin required!
    A: We have worked to reduce the amount of admin required to confirm placements – we can offer guidance surrounding legal, health and safety, insurance and have template documents for you to use (including an industry placement agreement for the student).
    Any forms required will be pre-filled wherever possible to minimise the level of input required from employers.
    During the placement, the education provider will lead on most administrative tasks – only asking for your input at certain stages as the employer.