A Maths star in the making!

We are proud to announce that Amery Hill student Ed Kirkby, who is taking Maths AS level here at Alton College has become one of eight national finalists set to represent Britain in an international maths competition. 

At Alton College we love to support talented young people, even before they study with us at sixth form. Ed has been participating in a Maths Olympiad league at a standard much higher than others his age could take on and he now waits to see if he has been shortlisted to the top six for the chance to represent the UK in the International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO) in Amsterdam this summer.

Maths was Ed’s top priority over his Easter break as he attended the four-day International Mathematical Olympiad training course at Trinity College in Cambridge, completing 18 hours of maths sessions and two selection tests lasting almost five hours each – even the course entertainment had a mathematical theme!

These trials follow on from the earlier stages of his quest when Ed was accompanied in the British Maths Olympiad by two other Alton College students who achieved very impressive scores and maintained our high reputation for maths. Now, Ed represents Alton single-handedly.

Dr Dave Lynch, Head of Maths, commented: “This is an amazing achievement – I have never seen a mathematician this good in my teaching career and I very much doubt I will again!  And Ed still has another three years till he finishes his A-levels!!  He is already asking me questions about university level maths after lessons.”

Only six team members will be selected to go to Amsterdam. Ed will find out if he has been selected to represent the UK at the Oundle training camp between 28 May and 1 June this year. Pre-IMO training will take place with the Australian team at Trinity College in Cambridge from 9–16 July.

Good luck Ed!

Anglia TV had a press clip on their news on April 15th although sadly, Ed doesn't appear. It does however give details about the Olympiad and shows the highly competitive and enthusiasm of the young mathematicians


More information on the Maths Olympiad can be found on the British Mathematical Olympiad Subtrust website.