Alton goes all QR

Communicating with simplicity whilst finding innovative methods that use the latest technology trends is something we strive towards here at Alton College and our new range of printed promotional materials will now do just that. QR codes (Quick Response) are small, black and white dotted squares which, when scanned using an iPhone, android or other camera-enabled smartphone, will take you directly to a website relating to the adjoining article.

College Marketing Manager, Nicky Redmond commented “Merging traditional print media with online is an exciting step forward. It enables the College to provide immediate access to what’s relevant to any specific reader and our new publications will all incorporate QR codes. This is a great opportunity for us to connect with people on many levels and I hope that people who engage with the College whether as students, parents or as our community will find this advance helpful.”

The AC Experience, the first of our publications to use QR codes, will be distributed from June onwards and thereafter will be available as a digital magazine in our sixth form section of this website. (Or type ‘AC Experience’ into the search box)
 QR Pattern

To use a QR code on your phone, you will need to download a QR scanning  app, the following of which are free of charge.

For android phones, download ShopSavvy

iPhones QR Reader  

Blackberry QR Readers include Scanner Pro