Brain Day

Biology and Psychology students were recently treated to a fantastic day exploring the brain when Dr Guy Sutton visited campus to take students around and beyond A-level material and into degree-level concepts and research. Guy Sutton is Director of Medical Biology Interactive and Honorary Lecturer at the University of Nottingham Medical School. His primary areas of interest are the genetics of neurodevelopment and neuropathology and the interactive nature of genetic, biological and behavioural factors in chronic disease processes.

The Brain Day tutorial was inspirational, enriching, exciting and challenging, fast-paced and introduced students to the very latest studies in neuroscience, providing an insight into what is current and exciting in brain research. During the day, students covered topics such as how nerve cells work, drugs and the brain, functional neuroanatomy and research methods; students also experienced a hands-on sheep brain dissection.

The students were inspired and enthused at the end of the day and gave some wonderful feedback.

Alice Woolman, previously at Eggar’s School

“The Brain Day was so interesting. The speaker was really informative and engaging and good at making the complex topics accessible and relevant to us. I enjoyed the brain dissection and being able to touch and see the brain for ourselves and also watching some of the videos of brain surgery and seeing real life patients and how they have recovered from brain damage.

What surprised me the most was the range of neuroscience research that is relevant to different issues in society and healthcare at the moment. From dealing with issues surrounding gender identity, to integrating neurotechnology into the human body, to the psychology of learning and child development.” 


Grace Connolly, previously at St Nicholas’ School

“I thought Dr Sutton was very engaging and the workshop was highly interactive, with videos, questions and answers, as well as the dissection itself. I most enjoyed the brain dissection because, as I learn about the brain in both Biology and Psychology, it's great to see the structure for real.

I learned a lot about the effect of drugs on the brain, as well as psychological illnesses, brain surgery and the interaction of different parts of the brain with each other. I found the dissection excellent practical experience for my nursing degree.”


Peter Morris, previously at Eggar’s School

“I thought the speaker was very interesting, knowledgeable and engaging. I was really pleased at how much detail he included when answering our questions.

I learnt a lot and was surprised by the long-term effect drugs can have on the brain and the fact physical changes happen in your brain when you undergo trauma, which I found fascinating.

It has inspired me even more to go into medicine.”


Eva Greatorex, previously at Lord Wandsworth College

“I found the speaker particularly enthusiastic and enthused by his subject, it was infectious. He inspired me to consider a career path I otherwise wouldn’t have done and his breadth of knowledge and research allowed us as a group to ask questions that presented themselves on the cutting edge of science. I enjoyed his animation in his lectures the most and the way he made it accessible to those who weren’t studying in one or more of the A level sciences. I learnt how the neurons characterise an individual’s personality and what science proposes for the future of areas such as mind reading and prosthetics. I was surprised most by the depth of neuroscience in general and its possible applications to other specialties and everyday life. The brain day opened my mind on alternative career pathways within science. I would highly recommend this day to anyone considering any career in science, or even if you’re interested to hear a passionate scientist lecture on his fields of study as it is inspiring to anyone.”