British Judo Championships

Lucy Williams, previously at Ash Manor School competed in Sheffield at the British Judo Cadet Championships earlier in December. She was in a tough group of fourteen of the best players in her age and weight group from around the country.

Lucy began the contest with an easy win against the eleventh seeded player, holding her down for ippon (the highest score a fighter can achieve in a Japanese martial arts). She then came up against the third seed, who managed to choke (the use of hands, arms, or legs on the opponent’s collar or lapels to apply pressure to their neck or throat) Lucy to a win. This moved Lucy into the repecharge. In this group, she swiftly choked the ninth and fourth seeds for ippon earning a place in the Bronze medal final against the fifth seed.

With both players wanting to win, the bronze medal fight was tough. Several times Lucy mananged to get her opponent to the floor but just couldn’t get her choke on. With just eight seconds left of the four minute fight, Lucy managed to trip her opponent with a simple technique and get a good choke on her, forcing the girl to tap out with one second left on the clock, making Lucy the Bronze medal champion for 2017. Lucy has also been selected for the 2018 England Judo Squad and is ranked 4th in the country for her age.

Lucy is studying the Cambridge Technical Diploma in Sport at College. Find out more about studying Sport here