Calculating Success

Congratulations to seven Maths students who recently participated in the annual Maths Olympiad for Girls, two of which achieved a distinction. The challenge lasts two and half hours and consists of five involved mathematical problems each worth 10 marks. In order to achieve a distinction, participants must get a mark of at least 27. Molly Bruce, previously at Horndean Technology College attained 30 and Lucy Wootton, previously at The Petersfield School got 27. The other girls (Eloise Fuller, Emily Morgan, Anna Pickett, Lottie Tellyn, Emily West) all received a certificate of participation all achieving 17 or above. The Olympiad is organised to encourage and inspire as many girls as possible to get involved in advanced problem solving. The paper that the girls sat can be found here. Emily Morgan, previously at Mill Chase Academy, said “taking part in the Maths Olympiad for Girls was an extremely valuable opportunity, it pushed our minds outside of their comfort zone to gain experience of advanced problem solving in Maths.”

This year, 123 Maths students took part in the Senior Maths Challenge with 75 receiving either Gold, Silver or Bronze awards. Two students, Peter Morris, previously at Eggar’s School and Lee Li, progressed to the British Maths Olympiad Round 1 (BMO1).  With 116 out of 125, Peter, a second-year single mathematician, was the top scorer for the College.  Lee, from China, was top scorer of the 1st years.  Only the top 1000 students in the country qualify for the BMO1.

A further 11 students have got through to the Senior Kangaroo (SK) round.  They are: Harry Buchanan, Monty Moran, Emily West, David Blyth, Joel Diarra (2nd years), along with Adam Exley, James Brand, Seb Cawte, Ben Roper, Lucy Wootton and Emily Morgan (1st years).  The next 6600 best students, who don’t qualify for the BMO1, are invited to take the SK.

Congratulations to all students for their fantastic achievements.

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