Celebration and Award Evening

Former students of Alton College braved wintery conditions to attend the annual Alton College Celebration and Award Evening on Tuesday 21st December.

Principal Jane Machell opened the evening by welcoming ‘the class of 2010’ back and congratulating them on their outstanding achievements whilst they were at College; she also asked them to join her in thanking their teachers and support staff for all their hard work and dedication.

The guest speaker was former student Ben Southall who left the College in 1994. Ben was selected from thousands to take the ‘Best Job in the World’ as Caretaker of the Islands on the Great Barrier Reef. The Six month role is now over and Ben continues to be an Ambassador for Queensland Tourism with more adventures planned for the future.

His talk was inspirational as he went through his memories of Alton College and the journey he has been on since. He remarked on the striking differences between the College now and then as well as the constant presence of Steve MacCormack (Vice Principal) who he described as his rock while he was studying here.

As the awards were presented and achievements displayed, it was clear to see that there are bright futures ahead for our former students.

The Ian Buchan Award for Friendship was given to Rose Bromfield-Young who has been a particularly supportive and good friend to a student with physical disabilities. 

The SHG Mediation Services Award for ‘Excellence in the Arts’ was presented to Steph Li who demonstrated an outstanding achievement in her chosen subject of Art and Design.

The Harry Marshall Film Award was presented to Nick Evan-Cook for his love of Film Studies and the ability he had shown in the subject.

The Award for Leadership was presented to Gwen Hanauer who demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities in establishing ‘the Alternative’, a web site for students at the College.

The four Alton College Governors’ Awards were presented to the following:

Jamiel Hussain and Siobhan Cassidy who were both outstanding ambassadors for the College and found time to support and mentor fellow students as well as prospective students whilst on their way to achieving outstanding A level grades;

Peter Meiklejohn, a dyslexic student, who worked hard throughout the year in pursuing his Duke of Edinburgh award and impressed others with his attitude to peers, teachers and in achieving  excellent A level grades;

Faith Hedicker who studied the BTEC National Child Care Learning and Development and through sheer hard work, dedication and outstanding attendance, achieved three Distinctions as well as a Distinction for her professional practice.

After the presentation Ben Southall said: “It was a pleasure to come back to my old stomping ground and to see some familiar faces and be able to hopefully inject a little bit of inspiration into the minds of the former students.  As they head out into their new worlds it is worth thinking that there are many ways to approach life and still be successful.”

On his next trip to the UK Ben hopes to be able to come back to Alton College and give a presentation to the College’s current students.

To watch the Celebration and Awards Evening please see the below video feed.