Charlotte wins The One Show competition

Alton College alumna Charlotte Bradley has won the BBC’s The One Show’s amateur painting competition.

The painting that saw Charlotte reach the top three in the competition; ‘Fred’s Wife’ was inspired by a charismatic elderly couple she saw while out in Fleet. She asked if she could take their photo but she only caught the husband’s name, Fred. Charlotte painted both individual portraits and submitted ‘Fred’s wife’ to The One Show competition.

She said: "It's been a long process as I took the photo last year but I'm really pleased to have got so far in the competition. The couple were so sweet and accommodating so it's nice to have this recognition for them too."

At Alton College Charlotte studied A levels in Art & Design and English Language & Literature while also taking an A level in Chinese outside of college. She later progressed to the Art Foundation Degree course and is currently studying Fine Art at Wimbledon College of Art.

She added: "The foundation course at Alton was a great chance for me to experiment with all types of creative outlets, in an environment driven by a buzz of enthusiastic technicians, teachers and students. It helped me to discover my interest in video and performance as well as nurture my original passion for painting."

Charlotte then had to wait to hear the results of the competition and recently found out she won the entire over-18 category. She had to paint a second portrait, this time choosing her friend's 101-year old Great-Grandma Hilda as the subject.

Since appearing on the BBC’s show, the family of ‘Fred’s wife’ have been in touch with Charlotte and are delighted with her painting. Sadly neither Fred's Wife or Hilda got to see the final pieces but both families are delighted; Hilda's commenting that the portrait "really captured everything about her." 

Both of Charlotte's paintings will be on display at the Royal Academy of Art, London, until 9th August. She said: "I'm delighted to have won the competition as it has been really encouraging to have my work recognised and appreciated. I've had a few people coming to me with ideas and possible commissions, and I'm thrilled about having two works hung in the Royal Academy over the summer."

Congratulations Charlotte!

Charlotte's shortlisted painting