Children in Need 2010

On the 19th November Alton College lay hostage to a pirate and Ninja takeover all in the name of Children in Need. Students and staff alike dressed up as part of a day of chaos and fun planned by the Students’ Union to raise money for the nominated National Charity. A tradition carried out every year by the College.

As well as students having great fun dressing up, there was a student auction in the sports hall which had scores of students queuing out of the doors to try and bid for their own assistant to carry their bags and write up their notes for them for the rest of the day. The hall was filled with hysteria as the students that volunteered were brought to the stage and the bids began flying. The student auction alone raised £117.

If that didn’t take your fancy, energetic teams battled in a massive dodge ball tournament. The tournament saw 12 teams clashing over 3 days with the impressive final taking place on the Friday.

After the calorie-burning dodge ball tournament the cakes came out for a spot of indulgence. Cake sales are always a favourite with everyone here and their sales made a massive contribution to our final total.

The overall amount raised has topped the £1000 mark, not bad for student body that’s stuck in a University fees crisis!  The Students’ Union staff representative, Ben Errey commented: “It’s amazing that everyone is still getting so enthusiastically involved, it makes it what it is”.

Everyone involved had a brilliant day, much more enthralling than the usual Friday, but it is important to remember the facts behind the cause. Last year the BBC raised over £39 million, and figures are still being added up for this year’s total. There is a confidence that it has already smashed the amount raised last year. All of the money goes to helping disadvantaged children and young people right across the UK with many different needs. Children from broken homes in care, to children suffering from a range of disabilities; these funds will help individuals and organisations that are fighting for the technology, resources and support to help ensure that all of our children live a full and happy life. Students at Alton College are among the lucky ones around the country who have constant access to such great facilities and to a solid network of support provided by the team at Alton College.