Double success for Alton Maths Students

Maths students at Alton College have been successful in two recent maths competitions.

Four Alton College students took part in the Hampshire and Isle of Wight regional final of the UK Senior Team Maths Challenge this month and won!  23 teams took part including other sixth form colleges and independent schools.
Our full team was Michael Minshall, Alice Haynes (2nd yrs), Gina Curwen (1st yr) and Ed Kirkby (yr 11 at Amery Hill).  The competition involved three rounds of very challenging Maths questions.  Getting 60/60 in the group round, 55/56 in the crossnumber round, and 58/60 in the (harder) relay round, we led throughout the competition.  A brilliant result!!

The team won the cup – pictured here - which adds to the shield Alton College won in another Maths competition earlier in the year.  Dave Lynch (Head of Maths) commented “This was a fantastic result, down to great teamwork and individual talent. I’m very proud of them all!”
We now represent the county in the National Final of the Senior Team Maths Competition in London on 1st February.
In another competition, also organised by the UK Mathematics Trust, nearly 100 Alton College students individually took part in the UK Senior Maths Challenge.  Two of our students did particularly well and qualified for the British Maths Olympiad round 1.  Requiring 90 marks to qualify for BMO1, Alton College Maths students Michael Minshall and Ed Kirkby sailed through the challenge, gaining 112 and 125 respectively.  Ed, an Amery Hill student, who studies AS Further Maths at College, had a particularly impressive score as he achieved the maximum possible marks in the Challenge, maintaining his record of 100% for the second year running.
The College is pleased that Michael and Ed are amongst the best 1000 students nationally who qualified for the first round of the Olympiad.

19 other students from the College picked up a silver award and 29 collected bronze.  This equates to 64% of our students picking up awards compared to the 40% expected nationally. 

The paper was extremely tough… would you be able to answer any of these example questions?
1) Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water.  Having filled the pail to the full, Jack fell down, spilling 2/3 of the water, before Jill caught the pail.  She then tumbled down the hill, spilling 2/5 of the remainder.  What fraction of the pail does the remaining water fill?
a)  11/15
b)  1/3
c)  4/15
d)  1/5
e)  1/15
2) The primorial of a number is the product of all the prime numbers less than or equal to that number.  For example, the primorial of 6 is 2 x 3 x 5 = 30.  How many different whole numbers have a primorial of 210?
a)  1
b)  2
c)  3
d)  4
e)  5
3)  What is the minimum value of x2 + y2 + 2xy + 6x + 6y + 4?
a)  -7
b)  -5
c)  -4
d)  -1
e)  4
50% of students in the country answered question 1 correctly, 56% got question 2 correct and just 12% of students got question 3 correct.
Michael and Ed took part in the British Maths Olympiad round 1 on Friday 2nd December and await their results.  Good luck to them both!


We have just heard that Ed gained 51 out of 60 – coming joint 21st in the country.  He will now take part in the British Maths Olympiad Round 2, hoping to be selected to join the UK Maths Olympiad Team, after being a reserve last year.  We await to hear Michael's BMO1 result.


Maths Olympiad 2011