Driving Awareness Week

Driving Awareness Week at College took place Feb 27th - March 2nd and there have been lots of interactive activities to encourage students to stay safe behind the wheel.

The week kicked off with a driving simulator in the refectory where students were invited to test their driving abilities while dealing with various hazards. Their test scored them a percentage based on speed, reaction times and ability to drive safely to give them an idea as to whether they would pass a real test.

On Wednesday lunchtime, Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service kindly came to College to demonstrate how they approach and deal with RTAs including having to cut a victim from a car crash at a scene. Hundreds of students witnessed volunteer Yegor Ryazanov act as the victim as several Fire & Rescue Officers put him in a neck brace, monitored his 'condition', safely smashed the glass of the windscreen and removed the whole roof from the car using a powerful saw.

Removing the roof from the car

Yegor, who is also the current Students' Union President, said: "I was very fearful in there. It’s not only the uncertainty of what’s happening, but having so many men around you checking to see if you’ve got an injury or not is scary. The saws to cut the roof off were right next to me and were very loud. Everyone really needs to take care when driving and make sure you are driving at an appropriate speed for the road.”

Other activities scheduled for the week included reaction tests and seatbelt experiments. Students received regular information through the week with statistics and details regarding to driver safety to ensure the serious message was delivered in a memorable way.