Excellence in Geography

Sophia Buchanan Barlow, previously at Calthorpe Parke School was presented with the Steve Millar Award for Excellence in Geography. The award is given to the highest achieving Geography student at the end of year one of their A level studies. Sophia was presented with the Award by Steve Millar at a private ceremony held at Alton College. She said: "I am delighted to be receiving this award and honoured to have been chosen from all the Geography students."

Sophia has recently completed her application to continue her geography studies next year and has received an offer from the University of Exeter which is her preferred choice of location.

Steve Millar spent over 30 years working at Alton College in the Geography Department and in conjunction with the Alton College Foundation he left an annual award for a student excelling in Geography. He explained: “The award has specific requirements for the student to have gained the highest marks in year one of their A level studies. Receipt of such an award at the end of the first year going into the second year seemed like the most helpful point in the student’s education and will hopefully be helpful in taking their interest in Geography forward to a higher level.”

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