Excellent Exam Results

Alton College students have once again achieved excellent results this year with an overall pass rate of 98.2% in A level and vocational courses including a 100% pass rate across 23 A level subjects and 14 vocational subjects. 52% of students achieved high grades of A*-B or equivalent with an outstanding 31% of students achieving the very top grades of A*-A or equivalent.  

An outstanding 97.1% of students who took the Extended Project Qualification achieved A*-C, with 53% achieving A*-A grades and a 100% overall pass rate. Over 74% of vocational students achieved the highest grades of Distinction*-Distinction with a 100% overall pass rate.

Results in traditional A level subjects such as English, Maths, Languages and Humanities were particularly notable for success with 100% pass rate in 23 subjects. Students taking STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) performed particularly well with an impressive 96.4% of students gaining A*-B in Double Maths A level (Maths and Further Maths combined), 70% of A level Biology students achieving A* - C grades and a 100% pass rate for the BTEC Extended Diploma in Engineering.

Jon Myers, Head of Centre said: “I am delighted with yet another year of really strong results and am extremely proud of all our students. Year on year they continue to impress with their fantastic achievements and I would like to offer huge congratulations to all our students and wish them the best of luck in their next step. These results are tribute to the hard work and commitment of both students and staff who have shown yet again that Alton College provides outstanding preparation for progressing on to university, employment or an Apprenticeship. 

This is a really exciting time for the College as we look forward to working with Havant & South Downs College and sharing practice and pedagogy with a College with equally strong results.”

Peter Cox, Director of Learning and Quality explained: “Alton College continues to be a thriving, modern educational establishment offering students an enviable choice of A level and vocational courses in an inspiring, dynamic learning environment. The most recent change to the College day introduced a fresh, innovative approach to timetabling grounded in academic research with a 10am start to provide the best learning environment for young people, up to 50 hours more teaching and greater scope for enrichment activities and work experience.”

Andrew Morrish, previously at Amery Hill School successfully gained his place at University College London to study Medicine having achieved A* in A level Biology, Chemistry and Maths and an A* in the Extended Project Qualification. He said: “I’m really excited about going to university and looking forward to meeting new people and facing new challenges. At the end of secondary school moving to College is quite daunting and you’re not prepared at all, but my two years here has prepared me for the next step and I feel ready. I really enjoyed the change to the timetable last year, for most subjects it is absolutely brilliant. For me, particularly in science it gave us more time for practicals and analysis, I definitely preferred having the longer sessions which have prepared us for university lectures. Developing the ability to concentrate for longer periods of time will be important for me in the future.”

Elliott Clark, previously at Farnham Heath End School achieved the highest grades of three Distinction* in the BTEC Extended Diploma in Creative Media Production and is going on to study Filmmaking at the University of Sussex. He said: “I loved how creative my course at Alton College was, and how we had the freedom to explore areas we were interested in and to express yourself. I am interested in directing and script-writing and feel prepared for those aspects of the course at university having explored them here at College.”

Jane Blackbourn, previously at Perins School took four A levels and achieved an A in Spanish, an A in Biology, an A in History and a B in Physical Education. She is going to the University of Bath to study Sport Science with the aim of going into research in the future, hopefully working with one of the many sports teams based in the city.

Alex Judkins, previously at Amery Hill School achieved A* in History and Spanish A levels and also the Extended Project Qualification and an A in French A level. She is going on to study Modern Languages at the University of Sheffield. She said: “Everyone at Alton College is great, my classes were small enough to be learning in a relaxed but focussed atmosphere; you knew everybody in your class and we’re all friends which is a lovely working environment.” 

Phoebe Reynolds, previously at Weydon School studied a BTEC Extended Diploma in Art and Design and achieved the highest grades possible, three Distinction*. She said: “I was really pleased with my results which will enable me to go on to study Illustration Animation at UWE Bristol starting in September. I enjoyed studying at Alton College, there was a level of independence where you can learn in your own style whilst being encouraged and guided in the right direction by the teachers. We were given freedom to explore, experiment and develop as artists which was great, as well as knowing the teachers were there to help and support us and to show us new techniques and new directions in which to develop our own ideas.”

Charlie Collings, previously at Perins School studied the BTEC Extended Diploma in Engineering and achieved Distinction*, Distinction*, Distinction and is currently applying for apprenticeships. He said: “All of the teachers at Alton College are fantastic, we had a set of really committed teachers in the Engineering Department who have prepared me well for the future.”  

Ella Buranakul, previously at Amery Hill School achieved an A* in Biology, an A in Chemistry, an A* in Maths and an A* in the Extended Project Qualification and has a deferred place to study Natural Sciences at the University of Leeds. During her year out she plans to travel to Thailand for two months and also spend some time in Malaysia and Europe. She aims to do a mini-research project during her time in Thailand based on her grandparents’ organic farm exploring her interest in agricultural science. She said: “I really enjoyed my time at College, there is a really welcoming atmosphere and a relaxed learning environment without too much pressure or stress placed on students. It doesn’t feel like a school, you are treated like adults and is a great bridge between school and university.”  

Trinity Howard, previously at Perins School also achieved three Distinction* in the BTEC Extended Diploma in Art and Design and is going on to study Graphic Design at the Winchester School of Art, part of the University of Southampton. She said: “I am really happy with my achievement and am grateful to all the teachers at Alton College for their help and support. Study here felt like the right place to learn, just the right amount of independence and I now feel prepared and ready to go to uni. The step up to university feels like a really comfortable move; I have been doing a lot of work and discovering a lot independently without it feeling like someone was holding my hand so I now feel comfortable I can succeed at the next level.  I have met a lot of really great people during my time at College and made some fantastic friends.”

Ruby Denton, previously at Amery Hill School has an unconditional offer at Royal Holloway, University of London to study Psychology having achieved an A* in Psychology A level, an A in Biology A level, a B in English Language A level and an A* in the Extended Project Qualification. She said: “My time at College has been really good; I really liked the new timetable that was introduced last year. The free blocks of time were particularly useful to re-cap and revise topics, I would come in at 8:30am and could complete an hour and a half of work before my lessons started, I got so much work and revision done. The new timetable was great preparation for university and taught us how to structure our own time and work independently. The teachers are also great, they really motivated and encouraged me to do well.”  

Lakshmi Tran, previously at The Petersfield School completed the BTEC Extended Diploma in Art and Design achieving three Distinction* and a B in the Extended Project Qualification and is going to undertake an Art Foundation Diploma at Chichester College leading on to study at Oxford afterwards. She said: “I really liked the atmosphere in my class, in the Art courses we are quite close to each other and I have made some really good friends whilst studying here. I love how independent the course is and now feel a lot more prepared for uni than when I first started.”

Lucy Monk, previously at Perins School is going to study Architecture at Oxford Brookes University having achieved an A in Biology and D&T: Graphics A levels, a C in Maths A level and a B in the Extended Project Qualification, she hopes to become an Architect in the future.  

There is still time to apply to study at Alton College for a September 2018 start and applications for September 2019 are also now open, visit altoncollege.ac.uk/applynow or email enquiries@altoncollege.ac.uk. The College’s next Open Days are on Thursday 4th October, 3:30-8:00pm and Tuesday 9th October, 6:00-8:30pm. To find out more information about our innovative College day see altoncollege.ac.uk/newcollegeday