Former Alton Student Feature

Yvette Cooper doesn't answer the question of course but considering her amazing career to date we wouldn't be too surprised. 

In the interview for Red Magazine, (read the full story here) Yvette describes her daily routine and a love of dance and music not usually associated with political life. While here at Alton College she not only exceled with her studies but also enjoyed acting in a variety of performances. She is fondly remembered for her lead role in Romeo and Juliet where a costume drama found its way into the plot.

Every year students leave us going on to fulfill their aspirations, however large or small, from securing a place at university or on an apprenticeship scheme, to landing tops jobs such as Clare McAvinchy, now Policy Advisor at Number 10.

Other famous alumnus include comedian Russell Howard (see him meeting our Student Union President), singer song writer Alison GoldFrapp, professional cricketer Chris Wood, musician Laura Jurd (read about her special hometown gig) and 'Best Job in The World Winner' Ben Southall. 

For any new, or less new, former students of Alton College we have a brilliant Alton College Alumni Association you can join for free, find old friends, get involved with current students and come and visit us. Click here to find out more we'd love to hear from you.