Friendly debate

The Alton College debating team, consisting of students studying Philosophy, Government and Politics, and Law played host to Queen Mary’s College in the first inter-collegiate friendly debate recently.

Alton’s two teams of three novice, but highly capable debaters bravely stepped up to the mark, challenging the more experienced QMC teams. Two motions, two highly emotive subjects, two inspiring debates and a fully enthralled audience. The first motion ‘this house believes religion does more good than harm’ found Alton arguing against the motion. Sam Dando-Moore, previously at Eggar’s School opened the debate with an impassioned position drawing on the historical debris of the Crusades. The opposition knew they were facing a formidable opponent. James Lester, previously at Salesian College continued with an unrelenting attack of the motion, leaving QMC lost for words. A final, and death defying blow, from Christie Sander, previously at Weydon School resulted in a resounding victory.

The second motion, ‘this house believes democracy cannot survive the 21st century’ started with an opening position from QMC. Although their speaker was without doubt politically competent Alton’s Rowan Whale, previously at Eggar’s School challenged without flinching and gave a highly convincing position against the motion. Aga Slusarska, previously at Mill Chase Academy swiftly followed with an emotive appeal to fundamental human nature; ruffling a few feathers of the opponents. Kate Adler, previously at Weydon School concluded with a judicious appeal to Churchill.

Alton kept up the fight until the bitter end but were narrowly defeated.

Alton won one and lost one; a highly successful first debate. The debate team will be participating in the National Debating Matters Competition which starts in September.

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