Further Maths Success

Alton College’s winning formula has surpassed national averages yet again scooping an outstanding collection of gold, silver and bronze certificates at the UK Maths Trust’s Senior Maths Challenge.

What's more, we've also just won the regional final of the Senior Team Maths Challenge!

Four students qualified for the British Maths Olympiad through the Senior Maths Challenge, a competition only open to 1,000 mathematicians throughout the UK.

Approximately 100,000 students take the Senior Maths Challenge each year.  Of those students 60% are awarded a certificate in a ratio of 1:2:3 for Gold, Silver and Bronze.  Dr Dave Lynch, Curriculum Manager for Maths, confirmed that as we had 75 entrants, if we were only as good as the rest of the country we would have received 7½ Gold, 15 Silver and 22½ Bronze awards. 

We received 12 Gold, 24 Silver and 30 Bronze awards. Therefore we can calculate that (as usual) we had a significantly better result than most other schools and colleges throughout the UK.

Students who qualified for the British Maths Olympiad 1 (BMO1) are: Ed Kirkby, Edd Evans (getting 105 out of 125), James Butcher (101) and Rob Carter (100).  Ed Kirkby once again got 125 out of 125 for the fourth year running, a result that is probably unique in the history of the Senior Maths Challenge. 

A further five students who missed qualifying for BMO1 have been invited to the Senior Kangaroo round: Kris Stokkereit, Jonty Bayliss, Sam Gasson, Ben Gregory and Marcel Welsh.  
Dave Lynch said: "This is another excellent set of results! I believe it’s the highest total of students who have won an award in the 6 or so years I’ve been at Alton College."

To add to this success, we hosted and won the regional final of UK Maths Trust Senior Team Maths Challenge on 27th November. This is the third year running that we've won this competition and we now have our sights firmly set on the national final in February 2014. Our track record for the national final is impressive; we won in 2012 and came 11th in 2013.

Our team of 4 students – Ed Kirkby, James Butcher, Edd Evans and Kris Stokkereit – beat teams from 21 other schools and colleges in the region including Charterhouse (who came 2nd) and Barton Peveril (who came 3rd).

Our team dropped just 6 marks out of 184 in the whole competition. A fantastic result for the Maths department. Congratulations to everyone involved and best of luck in the final!

Pictured left to right: Ruth Edwards; University of Southampton Maths Education department, Edd Evans, Ed Kirkby, Dr Dave Lynch, James Butcher, Kris Stokkereit, Roger Clark; Maths teacher and Stephen Power; UKMT