Geographer mapped out for Russia

Aime Jones previously at Weydon School, is one of only four students selected to represent the UK at the Geography Olympiad in Russia, August 2015. She aims to study the subject at University (one in three of our Geography students go on to do this).

Aime was encouraged to enter the competition by her teacher Fiona Webb. Her essay on the impact of human activity on river systems impressed the Geographical Association’s judges and she is delighted to have been chosen for the Olympiad in Moscow in the summer. Aime said:

I found the competition very enjoyable because I was able to explore a part of geography that I had not previously studied, so I got to carry out my own research and learning. I entered the competition because the topic area of rivers and human impact really interest me, and it was a chance to evidence the further reading and investigation I had done around the topic.

She added: ‘I anticipate that the experience will enable me to increase my geographical knowledge and compete with like-minded geographers from across the globe. In the future I would like to take a geography degree, with a particular focus on human geography and the impact of humans on the world around us. I would advise any geographer willing to consider the subject further to keep an eye out for competitions or other opportunities to display their passion for the subject and just take a chance, I did and I’m so glad that I did!’

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Essay question (1500 words)

According to Robinson sediment is our greatest pollutant. In 1973 he said that in quantity and in quality both the rates and processes involved in eroding and depositing sediments have been grossly affected by human activity. This arises through the acceleration or modification of processes delivering sediment to river channels, through modification of river channels and river regimes so as to affect sediment flux and through the addition of other substances in quantities otherwise unknown (Lewin 1981).

A. Describe and explain the ways in which human activity has had the effects identified in the paragraph above.


B. Discuss the impact such activity has had on a) the river system, and b) human activity.


Include examples at a range of scales to support your answer.