Goldilocks verdict: Not guilty!


It was not a clear case of who’d been eating the porridge and sitting in other people's chairs for school children taking part in a special CSI Workshop here last week, as Goldilocks was found innocent!

As part of the Community Courses @altoncollege programme, pupils from Years 2-4 at Binsted CE Primary School, Anstey Junior School and Bentworth Primary School participated in Goldilocks CSI, hour-long Who done it? sessions run over two days by the Solent Education Business Partnership. The pupils were greeted by a ‘real’ crime scene in the College’s Dynamic Learning Centre and asked to act as the Forest Police to uncover the mystery of who was guilty of eating the hot breakfast and breaking Baby Bear’s seat.

Goldilocks (aka Alton College student Emily Carroll, previously at Bohunt School) provided a statement admitting to sleeping in the bed, but denied the other accusations. Assisted by several other Student Volunteers from the Science and Performing Arts departments, the primary school pupils examined sets of evidence including paw prints, hair samples and bite marks to come to a conclusion about which suspect was guilty. To further cement their suspicions, a reconstruction of the chair was inspected and it broke under heavy weights, proving certain suspects innocent. After examining all the evidence, the children concluded that it was the badger who was the perpetrator.   

Ruby Seymour-Wilcox from Binsted CE Primary School said the school had not had the opportunity to participate in such a workshop before. She said ‘we’ve never done something like this before, and it was all really good fun, topped off by travelling to the College in the snow!’. Pupils from Anstey Junior School said they would ‘definitely like to come back to the College for more workshops as the students were really friendly’. All the pupils enjoyed the workshops saying that the particular highlights were identifying the paw prints and cross-examining the hair samples. Members of staff from Anstey Junior School commented that how fantastic Alton College students were in engaging the young groups. One teacher said: ‘it was lovely to see the students volunteering, they are great with the school children.’

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The primary school pupils were able to attend due to the kind provision of transport by Amery Hill School.