Heston Blumenthal and the College Scientists

The Molecular Gastronomy research group was set up to create a new opportunity for talented chemistry students. The project allowed them to experience the life of a researcher and work with the experimental chef, Heston Blumenthal.

The project was started by a chef with a background in Molecular Science - Luciana Bianchi, who works here at College - and two of our science staff - Fiona Revell and Lesley Brewer.

The 10 selected students were: Sam Cobb; Katy Sworn; Claire Stratford; Alexander Cobb; Hannah Bruton; Sam Page; Leah Devaney; Harry Uzzell; Samantha Marais, James Coverdale and  Katie Roe.

With expert guidance the students decided to research Aroma Encapsulation - a technique which can trap a smell or a flavour in a solid compound.
After several months of meetings, lab hours, and research, the finished project came to an end. Heston invited the group to the Hinds Head, where they were able to present and explain their ideas.

Heston was truly impressed with the quality of the work, which was afterwards sent to his experimental kitchen to be used in his own menus.

Afterwards, the group spent the morning visiting all the facilities and talking with the staff from The Fat Duck. The journey finished with a very special lunch at the Hinds Head, experiencing the food with some added treats from ‘The Sweet Shop of Heston Blumenthal’.

The whole story can be found by following this link