Innovative teaching in Chemistry

‘Flipping lessons’, a dynamic learning method placing students in the driving seat, has led Alton College to be recognised for progressive teaching in Chemistry A Level.

The September issue of the Royal Society of Chemistry magazine, ‘Education in Chemistry’, features Fiona Revell, Head of Chemistry, using the innovative technique to promote interactive learning in her classroom.

Fiona employed the method in order to develop independent learning skills and help students apply their knowledge more effectively in exams.

One student said: 'Flipped lessons worked well, as I worked hard so I would know the answers in class, and it would be obvious if anybody had not pre-prepared for the lesson.'

The concept of ‘flipped’ or inverted teaching means students pre-learn the subject to be covered either through traditional methods or more modern, such as virtual learning environments or video. Face-time in the classroom then focuses on reinforcing the topic, for example using personal whiteboards or digital engagement, to ensure a thorough understanding.

Fiona’s students used Socrative, an educational app for smartphones, tablets and laptops which uses exercises and gaming as tools for learning. Another student said: ‘Socrative quizzes are great, especially when they get competitive. I also enjoyed the flipped lessons because we were not left with much option besides learning the subject thoroughly.'

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