It all adds up to Mathematical success!

Another outstanding set of results were achieved by Alton College students at the Senior Maths Challenge this month, with 18 gaining gold, 27 silver and 25 bronze. Chris Hughes, previously at Amery Hill School, was an exceptional participant scoring 100% with 125 out of 125. Chris, along with Ali Bayliss, previously at Perins School and Alfred Dabson, formerly of Bohunt School, has progressed through to the British Maths Olympiad 1, an achievement only 1000 students in the country qualify for. 

A further ten students have got through to the Senior Kangaroo (SK) round, two more than last year. They are Alex Pirie, Ben Whitlock, Steven Robertson and Muhannad Al-Khafaji, all previously at Bohunt School, Paul Cumner, previously at Robert May’s School, Tom Steadman and Tom Eaton, both previously at Eggar’s School, Alex George, previously at Amery Hill School and Will Young and Megan Keeping, both previously at The Petersfield School. Megan also recently had great success in the UK Mathematical Olympiad for Girls. Read the story here.

David Lynch, Curriculum Manager for Maths explained how well the students had done: ‘In the Senior Maths Challenge the top 60% of students nationally are awarded a certificate in the ratio of 1:2:3 for Gold, Silver and Bronze.  So, if we were as good as the rest of the country, we would have been awarded 7 Gold, 14½ Silver and 22 Bronze awards. Therefore we did significantly better than the national average – once again!  Particularly impressive was the number of Gold awards - two and a half times that expected!’

Both the BMO1 and SK competitions take place on Friday 27 November, just two days after Alton College host the regional final of the Senior Team Maths Challenge.

The Senior Maths Challenge consists of 25 challenging, non-calculator multiple-choice maths questions in 90 minutes.  You start with 25 marks, get 4 marks for each correct answer and lose 1 mark for each incorrect answer, to discourage guessing.
Three example questions take from this year’s exam are (an easy, medium and hard question):

Q1:  What is 20152 - 2016 x 2014?
A: -2015         B: -1                C: 0                 D: 1                 E: 2015

Q2:  The positive integer n is between 1 and 20.  Milly adds up all the integers from 1 to n inclusive.  Billy adds up all the integers from n + 1 to 20 inclusive.  Their totals are the same.  What is the value of n?
A: 11               B: 12               C: 13               D: 14               E: 15

Q3:  Given four different non-zero digits, it is possible to form 24 different four-digit numbers containing each of these four digits.  What is the largest prime factor of the sum of the 24 numbers?
A: 23               B: 93               C: 97               D: 101             E: 113

**Answers are D, D and D

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photo - two of the highest scoring students, Ali Bayliss and Chris Hughes