Karate World Championships

First year student Harry Edwards, previously at Perins School, has recently been selected to represent England at the Karate World Championships in June in Bratislava. We caught up with him ahead of this exciting occasion:

How long have you been doing karate and what got you interested in the first place?

I’ve only been doing karate for just over three years but had done Taekwondo since year 6 before that. I’ve always had an interest in martial arts which was why I took up taekwondo, however I switched to Karate when Mark Nevola, who is the current veteran’s world champion, started Four Marks Martial Arts Academy, which after only two years running won Club of the Year at the East Hampshire Sports Awards. 

What has your karate journey been to get to where you are now? 

I started off attending regional competitions with the club and continued to fight in these competitions as I progressed and developed. Gradually as I improved, I started beating higher level opponents and was invited to train with Karate England for the first-time last September. They invited me to represent them at the United World Karate nationals last November, at these I won a bronze and silver medal in different categories (+65kg and open weight respectively).

Last month on the 24th March I went to the Karate England selections for Bratislava and was selected to represent them in the U18 categories.

What does the world championships consist of? 

I will be competing in both Kumite (fighting) and Kata (set patterns which are then performed and judged). The kumite works as traditional elimination so the number of fights I have will depend on how many I win. In the kata I will perform at least two kata, more if I get through rounds.

Do you hope to take karate further in the future and become professional or is it a hobby?

While the dream is always to go professional, however at the moment that isn’t really possible as karate gets very little funding from Sport England due to splintering within the sport into different organisations, but I will keep training hard and see where I end up.

What do you hope to go onto after College?

After College I hope to go into a IT/business degree apprenticeship or take a gap year to go travelling.

We wish Harry all the best and look forward to seeing his progress in June.