Man (and woman) vs. Wild*

Students considering careers in the military proved they were born survivors during two recent Public Services trips.

The first held at Alice Holt was designed specifically for Army, Royal Navy, Royal Air Force, Police, Fire Service and paramedic employment.

Six activities were completed which required the budding bushcrafters to build their own shelters, cook meals plus cross a deep ravine and rescue two fellow ‘injured’ students: at night. In true Ray Mears’ style forest ranger Nigel Netley showed the group how to catch, skin and cook a rabbit. In order to successfully complete the challenges students demonstrated their leadership and teamwork skills in unfamiliar environments – just as they would if they worked in the public services.

The second trip featured the Royal Marines Commando Recruit Troop visiting twenty five Alton College Students at Dinton Activity Centre, Reading and resulted in nearly half putting themselves forward to join the Royal Marines!

Elliot Shaw, a student on the trip, said: “It was the best trip I have been on in years, it was top class. It was great to meet Marines either currently serving or who have served in Afghanistan and get to know what basic training would be like.”

The Troop put our students through their paces in practical leadership tasks including an exciting tag-team laser battle. The highlight for many was the unarmed combat display from the marines where they gave students awesome insight into the level of technique necessary for self and group defence.

If you’re interested in studying Public Services at Alton College, come along to our next Open Evening on Tuesday 26th November from 3.30-8pm to take part in our interactive tasks. Jo Edmonds, Public Services teacher, said: “We always run practical activities on Open Evenings to give upcoming students the chance to see what our courses are like. This time we’re using handcuffs; there is a solution to get out the situation, but will you discover how?”

* Man vs. Wild is the title of the emmy nominated survival series from the Discovery Channel featuring former SAS soldier Bear Grylls.