McLaren Racing Trip

"Having told my BTEC Level 2 Engineering class at the beginning of the year that I was a big Formula 1 fan, one of the students, Michael Greenfield told me that his Dad, Ian worked for McLaren Racing in Woking.

One month later, ten members of the course and 3 members of staff headed off to Woking in a minibus full of anticipation and delight.

Having been given VIP treatment we toured the facility looking at Rapid Prototyping, Design, Materials, Manufacture with Metal and Carbon Fibre, and finished off with a trip through the boulevard of their trophies and historic racing cars.

Ian Greenfield and his team gave us an immense amount of detailed and impressive information on all factors of the “top end” engineering, which formula 1 is. This glimpse into how the other half live “engineering wise” was extremely interesting and beneficial for the students from an educational stand point.

Our thanks go to Ian Greenfield and all at McLaren Racing for organising the trip and allowing us to visit the facility, which was amazing. I am hoping that this will become the first of many visits in the future!"