Media students' industry inspiration

Media students enjoyed an amazing trip to the Harry Potter Studios and a special forum 'Beyond BTEC' which involved advice and networking with BAFTA winners and TV Directors, last term.


Muggles and Media students at Warner Bros!

On Friday 12 December, fifty Film and Media students experienced the world created by J. K. Rowling first hand when they visited the Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studios in Watford, London. Students were able to see the actual sets and props used in the Harry potter films – to see the beginning of success story for the British film industry. BTEC Media student David Daily described the trip as ‘a spellbinding look at the magic behind the magic’.  Lucy Hitchcock  and and Beth King felt they had ‘learned what goes into designing a film set and how green screens work’. Several students (and a few of their teachers!) got into the spirit of things by dressing up for the occasion.


This was the departments second visit to the studios and the trip provided students a close-up look at the huge amount of work that goes into creating a blockbuster movie as well as revealing how some of the amazing special effects in the films were created. Students were able to ‘re-create’ some of these scenes in specially adapted green screen studios. ‘It was a WANDerful experience!’ was how Media student and J K Rowling fan Nikki Rayner described the day.



Beyond BTEC Form to inspire futures

On Tuesday 16 December, the Media department welcomed back some of its alumni, practitioners and industry professionals for a morning of presentations and networking. The aim of the event was to provide current students with a range of experiences and insights into some of the many potential career paths and opportunities for further education beyond their courses at college.


Speakers included ex-student Mike Greaves-Hurd, presently working as an assistant director on the set of the new Teletubbies series and former Bafta-winning Director and current lecturer at Ravensbourne University,  Lorne Magory. Other contributors represented aspects of the film and PR industry.


Second year BTEC student Michael Stanley and producer of Alton College's #dropthelearningtax video, said ‘I learnt so much about progressing past college into the world beyond’.


Event organiser and Media tutor Samuel Boxall said:  ‘After the presentations, students had the opportunity to ask questions of the panel and to show and receive feedback on their own work. The event gave students their first taste of the vital importance of networking for industry professionals’.


Listening to the news! Again?"
"Well, it changes every day, you see," said Harry.”
J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix


Other departmental trips last term included A-level Film students visiting the British Film Insitute on the South Bank, London in order to carry out coursework research in their specialist area in the BFI Library. After a day studying they were able to relax and watch a fim on the film-tastic iMAX screen.

Animal husbandry and wildlife photography are the basis for their next trip in February. BTEC Media students are popping down to Marwell Zoo as part of a project.

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