New MP, Damian Hinds comes to College

Damian met with Jane Machell, Principal of Alton College and Michele Frost, Headteacher of Bordon Junior School (Chair and Vice-Chair respectively of the East Hampshire Education Improvement Partnership) to discuss the work of the Partnership and newly emerging Local Children’s Partnerships across East Hampshire.

Damian, who has shown already a deep interest in Education and the welfare of children and young people, was keen to understand more. 

Jane Machell and Michele Frost said:  “We are really pleased that Damian has given support to all the children and young people in our area and to the aims of our Partnership.  He is clearly committed not just to their educational attainment but also to personal and social matters affecting our children’s lives”

Damian Hinds made his maiden speech in the House of Commons recently and mentioned the East Hampshire Education Improvement Partnership. The following is a transcript of the speech from the Government Parliamentary website
"In my constituency, the 44 schools and colleges already work co-operatively, choosing to pool resources in the pursuit of shared goals. The potential advantages of that kind of approach are many fold. It can enable smaller village schools, which we value very highly in my area, to derive scale benefits that they otherwise would not have. It can provide new stretch opportunities for particularly gifted and talented youngsters, and also a forum for governors to share best practice.

The oft-quoted number of NEETS-people not in education, employment or training-is such a bland statistic, but it masks so much wasted potential. It is often said, too, that one can spot the people likely to end up adding to that statistic from a very early age. That is too often remarked on, but too rarely acted on.

We must have ambition for all our young people.  I hope too that more areas will follow the model of the East Hampshire Partnership, for which a key focus is identifying the people who may be at risk of falling into that group, and working together across the age groups for their benefit."


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