Ofsted showcase the College

Alton College leads the way in making sure they get good value for money.  We are featured on the Ofsted website as an example of best practice for all colleges throughout the country. Follow this link direct to Ofsted.

Chair of Governors, Ian Taylor, explains:  “Our Governors closely monitor how much the College spends.  With an annual bill of approx £2.5m on goods and services, our recently updated Procurement Policy makes certain that the College is continually improving its value for money practices.  This is essential in the current economic climate, and we are proud that the Young People’s Learning Agency has again rated our financial health as “Good”, especially at a time when we are facing significant Government funding cuts.”

Sara Russell, Vice Principal, comments: “The College’s procurement and purchasing practices enable us to provide high quality learning resources, particularly through information communication technology, that enhance the learning environment and assist in us achieving consistently high rates of achievement within curriculum areas”.

A good example of how the College has made savings was the introduction of an online store. Stephen Forster, Vice Principal explains:  “We identified an opportunity to streamline and improve the process for taking payments for a wide range of services and goods from students and their parents or guardians. Now one year on, we are using the Online Store in ways that we had not envisaged. For example the College hosted BBC Radio 4’s ‘Any Questions’ programme and made tickets available to over 150 members of the public through the Online Store – a considerable saving on the administration time this would previously have taken. One of our external event bookers asked if we were able to handle ticket sales for their fundraising event and we have been able to make this facility available by taking a small transaction handling fee.” 

High on the priority of our Student Union, is our annual “Green Week”.  This highlights the importance of the College reducing its impact on the environment by a number of practical measures. We reduce waste where possible and encourage recycling.  We encourage reduced power and water use on campus with the aid of technology and promote the use of renewable sources for consumables. All of this involves the College’s procurement processes. For example, the purchase of a compacting machine for cardboard and the like has drastically reduced the College’s need for waste removal, decreasing by two thirds the amount of waste that needs to be taken to land fill.

Finally, we have a new “bespoke” transport policy, negotiated to improve the quality and reliability of buses for students.  Our Student Governor, Felix Titherley told Governors that students are thrilled with the new service.  The College now has control of the bus routes, to suit the needs of students better, and they all have wi-fi and music to make them more comfortable and fun to travel in.