Philosophical Zombies

As part of Alton College’s ongoing school liaison work, a group of Year 10 pupils from Amery Hill School recently visited the Philosophy department to explore topics including Philosophical Zombies and Consciousness.

The Amery Hill students, all currently studying GCSE Religious Studies, took part in an A-level Philosophy session which also incorporated a mini-debate, co-ordinated by the Alton College debating team. The school pupils engaged in some very lively Philosophical dialogue and challenged some of the positions argued by the College student Philosophers. 

The debate motion 'this house believes parents should have access to their child's social media accounts' was tightly contested. Although the Government presented some reasoned and clear arguments, the Opposition's astute Points of Information led to the defeat of the Government. The judges, Peter Baillie and Olivia Welch, both past Amery Hill pupils themselves, and the Chair, Aga Slusarska, previously at Mill Chase Academy, confirmed how close the final result was and commented that “considering the Amery Hill pupils had never debated before they learned very quickly and argued convincingly.”

The collaboration between Amery Hill School and the College was a very rewarding experience for all, and was perfectly summed up in some feedback from an Amery student. 

"I found the lesson very interesting, especially the questions as they really forced you to think of the world in many alternative ways, ways that we may not see in our day to day life. The class allowed you to have a space to comfortably question literally EVERYTHING. It was something I've never done before, and I really enjoyed it."

Find out more about studying Philosophy at Alton College here or come to our next Open Day on Thursday 5th July 3:30-8pm