Photographers Ahoy!

Alton College staff maintain and develop outstanding links with industry which benefit students as they bring these specialist skills and expertise into the classroom. Curriculum Manager for Creative Arts, Amanda Bollini and Teacher of Photography Paul Williams exemplified this when they were invited for a day with Olympus UK and unparalleled access to HMS Victory.

On 7 May, Amanda and Paul were fortunate enough to win places courtesy of Olympus UK to celebrate the 250th anniversary, to the day, of the launch of HMS Victory.  HMS Victory is the famous flagship of the Battle of Trafalgar.  Olympus UK offered unparalleled photographic access inside Nelson’s cabin and around the historic dockyard.  The nautical themed event kicked off in the visitor centre where they both had the chance to get their hands on a wide range of the latest Olympus cameras and lenses and to network with other photographers in the region.  Amanda and Paul were then welcomed aboard the water bus for a trip across the harbour to Gosport to take images of the enchanting Portsmouth skyline, including the iconic Spinnaker Tower.  The trip across the Solent took them to an exclusive visit on board HMS Alliance a WW2 submarine.  At the end of the generous event Olympus UK presented those who attended a limited edition 250th Anniversary medal and certificate.

Paul said ‘The event finished with tea and cake on deck with a chance to talk to our fellow photographers and the knowledgeable Olympus staff. I was reluctant to give the 12-40mm back at the end of the event as had become quite attached to this quality lens.’

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