River studies in Wales inspires Geographers

With another year comes another opportunity for Alton College’s A-Level Geography students to enhance their fieldwork skills. This year’s trip to Rhyd-y-creuau, Snowdonia, Wales, allowed students the freedom to carry out their own investigations on physical and human environments. Both investigations involved the development of investigative hypotheses, data collection/presentation, and conclusion-making.

The physical geographical investigation at the river of Afon Nant Peris in Snowdonia, involved studying varying river factors such as river velocity, wetting perimeter and river depth while the human geographical investigation in the urban environment of Llandudno involved an enquiry into factors such as economic wellbeing and population demographics. The students spent the majority of each working day out in the ‘field’ collecting useful data that could then be made sense of and evaluated.

The fieldtrip was eco-friendly, mainly due to the Drapers’ centre’s location and also because of the eco-friendly approach that the centre took to learning.

Ollie Cottam, studying Biology, Chemistry, Geography and History, said “The trip was a very enjoyable and worthwhile experience. We learnt many new concepts and it allowed us to put newly taught theory into practice, aiding our understanding of it. The weather was great and the scenery was beautiful, providing a stimulating environment to learn and indulge ourselves in.”

All in all, the beautiful landscape of Snowdonia provided the AS students with a brilliant environment to conduct their field studies in – studies that will give the students important skills and knowledge for their work in A2 Geography. Of the cohort of students who went on this trip last year, 1 in 3 are now waiting to start Geography or Geography related degrees.

Written by Rob Jones (A Level Geography student)

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