Royal Military Academy Visit

Students from the BTEC Public Services course at Alton College visited RMA Sandhurst to watch the Commandant’s Dress Rehearsal of the Sovereign’s Parade this month. It was a day full of music and the ceremony for the cadets completing their pass out parade having been at Sandhurst for a whole year.  Major Jo Edmonds, teacher of Public Services, led the trip showing the students around the Academy and then they watched the parade and listened to the Commandant’s Speech. Jo was a cadet at Sandhurst himself in 1978, returning as a Chief Instructor in 2007-2009. He said: ‘The trip is very inspirational: most of the students are thinking about a career in the Public Services once they leave College, and this visit gives them the opportunity to see 500 - 1000 men and women aged 18-26 on parade who have decided to become young leaders, something the students can aspire to. The parade is a wonderful display of self-discipline, of pomp, ceremony and tradition that has been the same since 1812.’

This year, the Commandant spoke to all the cadets about their journey to becoming great leaders who will serve their country and the men and women they lead through courage and sacrifice in doing the right thing. He advised them to imagine what their Colour Sergeant would say or do if they were with them all the time!

This trip is a unique experience for Alton College students as Jo Edmonds uses his contacts from his serving days to ask RMA Sandhurst to grant access. The students recognise how special the occasion is, and said that it was a ‘brilliant, inspirational day’ and an amazing experience to see such an ‘incredible Academy of Leadership.’

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