Science on the edge

Last week, a handful of our talented students bravely presented the results of their specialist research on complex scientific topics to an audience of staff, students and invited guests.

We are incredibly fortunate to benefit from a Scientist in Residence, Dr Penny Marriott, who led and supervised the students who presented on topics such as Dark Matter, Virus Evolution, Black Holes and Climate Change.

Principal Jane Machell was extremely proud of the students and said: “Their research projects took place in their ‘free time’, over and above their A Level studies.  The students are testament to the very best in our young people – their search for knowledge and enquiry about our world and wider universes.”

Students involved were:

Tom Acton, presenting Dark Matter
Callum Green, presenting Climate Change
Kate Eason, presenting Exogenesis of Life
John Cumner, presenting Faster than the Speed of Light?
Jaz Weston, presenting Virus Evolution
Jonny Grice, presenting Black Holes
Amelia Hartley, presenting Where is the Higgs Boson?