Senior Team Maths Competition

Four Alton College students took part in the Hampshire & IoW regional final of the Senior Team Maths Competition on the 8th December.

They were Tim Burchell, Lydia Skuse (both 2nd yrs), Michael Minshall (1st yr) and Ed Kirkby (yr 10 at Amery Hill).

The team worked hard and finished an impressive third, beating 22 other Colleges.

Dave Lynch (Head of Maths) commented “This was a fantastic result, down to great teamwork and individual talent. I’m very proud of them all!”

The competition was split in to 3 sections: the Group Round, Crossnumber Round, and Mini-relay Round

In the Group Round there were 10 questions which the teams had 40 minutes to solve. Our team finished them all in less than half the time available, and got them all correct!

The Crossnumber Round was a mathematical crossword puzzle where one pair from the team solved the across clues and the other pair the down clues, our team finished extremely quickly and only dropped 2 marks out of 80.

The final round, the Mini-relay, was by far the hardest. This was made up of 4, 8 minute relays, each with 4 questions. The team was split into pairs and assigned different sections of the relay. Each part of the relay relied on the results passed on from the previous one. The team scored 45 out of 60 which added to their already impressive score.

Both Lydia and Tim have applied to read maths at University and we wish them the best of luck during their applications.