Simulation Brexit Negotiations

Politics, Law and Philosophy students recently took part in simulation Brexit negotiations on campus, a day-long process discussing a range of contentious issues surrounding the Brexit debate. Olivia Welch, previously at Amery HIll School, gave us a brief outline of events.

"The Simulation Brexit Negotiations was an invaluable opportunity which allowed us to gain insight into how a large group of individuals come to decisions. The day consisted of debating, disagreements and voting. The two parties were the United Kingdom and the European Union - the aim of the event was for both sides to agree on the parameters in which the Brexit Settlement would operate within. Throughout the day a breadth of negotiations took place, including: the free movement of UK and EU citizens within Europe; the status of UK and EU citizens living outside of their home country, and under what criteria they may apply for citizenship in their settlement country; the possibility of EU citizens having preferential rights to live, work and study within the UK whilst maintaining the restriction of free movement between the two entities; free trade between the UK and the EU; Theresa May’s Chequers Plan. After grappling with dissenting views from both sides, compromise was reached and we all mutually agreed on a settlement which asserted the protection of UK and EU citizens’ status within the two entities; somewhat limited free movement and the preservation of free trade between the UK and the EU."

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