Spider webs created for the Big Draw

Alton College BTEC and Foundation Art students have been enthusiastically creating large spider webs around the College campus as part of the national Big Draw project. Combining 3D art and drawing with technology, this exciting project had students using string and wool to create spider webs on a human-size scale, filling up the College Green and other areas of the campus by weaving the string in a similar motion to a spider. As well as this, media students took time lapse video and are using photography to make stop frame animations to bring the project to life.

The subject of webs linked to Wootey Infant School’s own Big Draw theme of spiders and bugs. To bring the full project and the community together, 12 pupils from Wootey Infant School and Alton Infant School, as well as 20 members of Alton 8th Scout group later in the evening, were invited to take part in the College’s activities which also gave our sixth form students the opportunity to teach and guide the children’s creativity.

Primary children spider webs

The children were able to experience building a spider web outdoors as well as experiment with the same artistic principle on a smaller scale. Webs were drawn and spiders were cut out of paper and placed onto the web before still images were taken. The children were then able to move their spider a fraction across its web before taking another image. On film, the images were then joined together and sped up to create the animation of a spider crawling across its web.

Mark Taylor, Head of Vocational Art and Design at Alton College, came up with the idea to engage a wide range of participants of varying ages. He said: “It was great to see both children and students using technology on such a massive scale for an art project. It gave them the opportunity to be ambitious with their creations and think big. We enjoy welcoming the community into our College and we are delighted that we were able to provide such an exciting project."

Alton College have an excellent art department whose involvement with the Tate Modern Turbinegeneration project has been ongoing for the past 18 months. The results of the Spider Web project will be integrated to the Tate project and will be linked with our international school partnership, arranged by the Tate who, this year is in Copenhagen.