Starting here in September?

If you came to Open Evening, hope you had a great time, it was good to see so many faces there. Today, we've got some other exciting things to tell you.

We’re putting on a Welcome Event which we’d like you to come to. It’ll be on Friday July 8th  so make a note of the date - it will be a great way for you to get to know the College, meet everyone else who’s starting and have some fun. There’ll be a BBQ and ice creams too! We’ll be sending you more info soon, but save the date. 
You should also know that the new term will now be starting on Friday September 9th, and not earlier as mentioned in the prospectus! Make a note; we don’t want you arriving too early!! On that day you'll meet your new teachers and your Personal Tutor and all those people you met at the Welcome Event.   See all the key dates for new applicants.

We’ll soon be sending you our magazine the ‘AC Experience’. You’ll find out what you can do outside of lessons, what the students think of being here and see some of the amazing trips our students have experienced over the past few months. It'll give you the inside story on what it's like being a student at Alton College. We hope you’ll enjoy the AC Experience when it arrives. It'll be on the website too.

In the meantime, don't forget to Like us on Facebook It's the place to ask any questions and get replies from our students.

Check your e-mail for more information and check out the pages for new students too.
Have a great Easter!