Students host political debate

Local Parliamentary candidates battled for the student vote in an exciting pre election visit to College shortly prior to the General Election.

Hot potato topics
The structure of the debate was set to five pre-agreed questions that came out of a student forum discussion. The questions that were chosen included the topics of the budget deficit and unemployment, faith in the political system, reducing the voting age, the Trident weapons program and inequality.

Sleazebags, good politics and a coalition government
Damian Hinds (Cons) captured the audience attention with his honesty “It is true inequality has increased, but the fact that there is less opportunity is what worries the hell out of me”. Carew (Lib Dem) charmed the audience by speaking of “sleazebag MP’s” and speaking at length on the possibilities that would arise out of a coalition government. “We are the only main party to commit to a common age of consent and lowering the voting age to 16”. Edbrooke (Lab) also addressed the issue of the voting age “a good politician will listen to anyone despite their age” and the issue of trust between MP’s and their constituents “MP’S need to be based in reality, and know the price of a pint of beer or loaf of bread”

Each candidate displayed characteristics worthy of the student vote. The debate was a huge success in terms of getting the student population involved with politics, and challenging the local candidates.