Students join venture with the police

'Student Watch' is a Hampshire Police project that is being run in the College for the first time. 14 students completing the Uniformed level 2 or level 3 Public Services course have already signed up, been vetted by the Hampshire Police and started the 10 module course.

Student volunteers will take part in police led initiatives designed to increase their awareness of crime prevention whilst learning how they can help to protect themselves and their property.

Those taking part will be public services students, many of whom are interested in a career in the emergency services after finishing College.

The students will be required to complete initiatives which will include:

  • Registering their fellow students' valuable property and that of the College onto a national database designed to help police link recovered property back to the rightful owner and aid an investigation
  • Offering crime prevention advice to students at the College and younger pupils at local schools
  • Involvement in cycle crime initiatives
  • Attending and assisting police at a Safer Neighbourhoods team beat surgery
  • Tackling vehicle crime and vehicle related anti-social behaviour; this might include educating fellow students on vehicle modifications that effect local residents such as large exhausts and inconsiderate parking
  • Learning about the dangers of drug use and passing this knowledge on to other students
  • Internet safety and potential implications on future career prospects from posts on social media sites
  • Awareness of how Hampshire Constabulary supports victims of crime
  • Awareness of personal safety including responsible drinking and looking at the force's "No means no" sexual offences campaign.

This scheme will provide students with a reference from Hampshire Constabulary and a certificate recognising their work, making them more attractive to future employers.