TeamUK places third in the world at iGeo

Congratulations to Geography student Alex Teeuw on his amazing achievement at this year’s iGeo competition in Hong Kong. The team of four representing Team UK came 3rd in the world overall, out of 43 countries, which is the best UK result at iGeo ever! Alex was awarded a silver medal, and his fellow teammates received two bronze medals and a gold medal. Alex was individually placed 19th in the world (out of 170 participants), which is the best performance ever of any first-time UK team member. 

The International Geography Olympiad (iGeo) is an annual competition for the best 16 to 19 year old geography students from all over the world. Students chosen to represent their countries are the very best, chosen from thousands of students who participate enthusiastically in their own National Geography Olympiads. The competition is divided into three rounds, each with a different focus. The first is a written test, in which the UK finished first overall. The second and third rounds are a multi-media and fieldwork exercise respectively.

Alex told us about the whole experience.

“I really enjoyed the whole week and I got to meet some enthusiastic geographers, great people and made brilliant memories. Unfortunately, due to the current political situation in Hong Kong, we did not have an opportunity to visit central (except for the adequate views to and from the airport) but since visiting HK I most definitely will return in the future. We did however witness up close the densely-populated buildings in Tai Po, a large town near where the completion was held. We were also caught up in a level 8 Typhoon for the first 3 days which was, to say the least, an experience which helpfully relieved us of the otherwise very hot (and humid) weather. After the competition component was complete we visited the UNESCO Geopark for a day; where we saw a traditional village, only accessible by boat, in the more remote and wild parts of HK. 

I would like to thank the Alton College Geography Department for suggesting this opportunity and the AC Foundation for supporting me with fundraising activities which enabled me to travel to and compete in Hong Kong. Without the funding and support my silver medal and the success for Team UK would not be possible. I would definitely recommend that Alton College students apply next year.”