The 'Art' of Recycling

The “Art of Recycling” exhibition can be seen in the Reception of  Alton College until Friday 1st October. This collection of work from artists of every age group spans an array of styles and materials that all have one thing in common - they are all made from rubbish!

East Hampshire District Council and The Greening Campaign challenged residents to produce “recycled art” that would tour the area. This exhibition has now reached Alton College. This project was first introduced to the students during the College’s Green Week in May.

Ivan Bicknell (Head of Art and Design, Alton College) said “The Art of Recycling was an exciting opportunity for our students and the competition brief inspired a diverse range of responses... It was great to see the way in which each piece of work embraced and addressed the recycling theme; hopefully people who view the works on display might take a new view on what we can create from items generally regarded as rubbish”.

Entries include a giant snake from Alton Infant school, where every student decorated a section of the body; several entries from Andrew’s Endowed Primary School in Holybourne; a real variety from the students of Alton College, and the detailed models created by Bob Weighton, the 102 year old resident of Brendoncare. Mr Les Jackson, Chair of the Greening Alton and Holybourne Campaign said “We are privileged to have one of Alton’s oldest residents involved in our campaign. He is a great inspiration and example to us all”.

The entries from the comparatively young Alton College students included an electronic chick by Chris Bound, a newspaper dress by Amy Bollons and a giant wooden clock by Hannah Queux-Johnson.

Steve MacCormack, Vice Principal (Student Services, Adult and Community Services) said “I am delighted that our students have submitted such imaginative and beautifully crafted pieces to this exhibition. The College works very hard to highlight the importance of environmental issues to our students and I think this project is a wonderful way of doing this”.

The staff and students at Alton College will be continuing to work along this “green theme” in a variety of ways, including a “recycled fashion” project; setting up a Green Transport Group and there are plans to make Green Week a community event next May.

The “Art of Recycling” exhibition is free to anyone who would like to visit it in the Reception area at Alton College between the hours of 09:00 and 17:00, Monday to Friday, until Friday 1st October.