Vocational taster day

Year 10 pupils from Eggar’s School visited College for exciting vocational subject taster sessions recently. The group experienced hands on activities in Engineering, in the state-of-the-art Sonardyne Centre, and Public Services.

There was also the opportunity for students to have a tour round the media centre and visit the Health and Social Care department.

The pupils visited the engineering department where they were challenged to design and make a rollercoaster for marbles using just office materials (paper, sellotape, scissors, paper clips). The aim was to make a structure with the slowest run time for the marble from top to bottom, so the pupils had to think of ingenious ways to create curves and bends to slow the marble down using just the basic materials provided.

After the engineering challenge, they moved to the Public Services department where they took part in a team building ladder walk activity which tested their ability to work together to achieve a common goal. They also undertook some other military style physical games to build confidence and esteem and finished with a talk by current students about the vocational courses they are studying. 

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