Who needs hair?

A first year student, with a passionate and compelling story shaved her hair off to raise money for Macmillan and has almost raised her target of £600.

Supported by hundreds of students and close college friend, Nick Anderson who did the hair-cutting deed, Amelia Hartley has willingly lost her hair to recognise those she loves and who have lost their hair unwillingly as a result of cancer. Amelia came to the College from Sydney Australia this September and is studying A level Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Double Maths.

Hundreds of students came to the Forum Hall to donate cash,  to hear Amelia's story and watch her auburn hair be shaved off and leave her bald.

Amelia nervously spoke to the assembled students and told them; "I'm getting rid of my hair because I don't need it really, and some people have no choice in the matter, so whilst they may feel uncomfortable and exposed, I'll do it with them and try and encourage them as best as I can".

Here is Amelia's story;

Recently things have been very up and down in terms of me personally and the people around me.  I've had someone very close to me be diagnosed with breast cancer, but she has made it through and is well and happy, which is a massive relief.
Some people aren't as lucky though and their cancer keeps coming back, and one of my family friends is experiencing that at the moment.  She has been so sick for so long now, that it is getting torturous for her and her family, which includes her son and daughter.

The charity I'm supporting and donating all my fund raised money to, Macmillan Cancer Support, is exactly as it says, they help cancer patients and families financially, emotionally and physically through diagnosis and treatment. 

The photos here show Amelia BEFORE and during. To see what happened next and for the full effect, see our Facebook page where we have posted other images.

If you would like to donate to Amelia, please go to her Just Giving page by following this direct link.


Amelia Hartley