Your Route to Success: Enabling Students To Exceed their Target Grades

The Great Gatsby

Monday 7th March 2011   9.30am-1pm.

Registration and coffee from 9am

The course will be divided into three highly focussed sessions specifically designed for classroom delivery.


  • How to deliver context, and enable students to use it effectively in their writing.
  • How does prohibition underpin the morality of the novel.
  • How far is “The Great Gatsby” an autobiographical text?

Key Ideas and Passages

A detailed session on what students need to gain from the text.

  • What  is the significance of Nick Carraway’s dream of the drunk woman?
  • How does Myrtle Wilson represent the commodification of desire?
  • Why does the novel finish with a lyrical description of  virgin land?

Learning through drama

A dynamic session in which you will explore how to optimise students' learning through dramatic activities

  • Explore the significance of the party scenes.
  • Can Fitzgerald create a convincing female character?
  • Nick as narrator –isolated or complicit?

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