Exams - the rules and regulations

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This information should give good advice for candidates regarding Exam Board regulations and College policies.  If you have any questions/problems regarding exams, please speak to your tutor or contact the Examinations Office during normal working hours.

Ensure you arrive at the exam location at least 15 minutes before the published start time of the exam.

You must bring ID to your exam, photographic if possible.

You should not have mobile phones/electronic equipment in the exam room. 
If a mobile phone rings during an exam or if a candidate is found with a mobile phone on their person (even if it is switched off), this is a breach of exam board regulations and may result in your disqualification.
If you bring your phone in error, please ensure it is switched off and in your bag.

Remember to bring all your equipment required, pens/pencils/calculators etc.  These are not supplied by the College.  Check with your tutor that your calculator is suitable and meets exam board regulations.

If your exam is to be undertaken on a computer, please ensure you are aware of log-on and printing procedures.  Check with your tutor regarding how these processes will be undertaken.

Listen carefully to the instructions given to you by the invigilator.  If you have any questions or do not understand something, please ask – they are there to help.

Read the instructions on the front of the exam paper carefully and follow them, ensuring you complete any personal details and any candidate/student numbers issued by the awarding body.  Check in advance with your tutor for any numbers that may be required.  It may be difficult for you to correct any errors of this nature before the papers have to be dispatched, so it is important to do everything correctly in the first instance.

If you finish your exam early, check your script for mistakes.  It is unlikely you will be able to leave the exam room early, so you must remain silent while the other candidates are still working.

Usually there will only be one invigilator who, according to exam board regulations, is not allowed to leave the room during the exam.  A candidate may not leave the room during an exam unless supervised.  This means it is impossible for candidates to leave the room to use the toilet facilities.  If you feel this could be a problem, please speak to your tutor beforehand.

If the fire alarm sounds during an exam, do not panic.  Remain seated and listen to the instructions from the invigilator.

Your tutor should have fully briefed you on what to expect from the exam paper.  The invigilator is unable to assist you in any way concerning the content of the paper.  If you have any questions regarding the likely content of the paper and how it should be answered you should speak to your tutor during lectures prior to the exam.

Your tutor should advise you regarding when to expect results following your exam.  However, if you have any problems regarding results or certificates, please contact the Exams Office during normal working hours.