Exams Information


A Level/Level 3 Vocational results will be available on Insight from 6.00am on Thursday 15th August 2019


GCSE/Level 2 Vocational results will be available on Insight from 6.00am on Thursday 22nd August 2019

Private candidates will have their results e.mailed to them between 6.00 and 9.00am on the relevant day.

Adult Students willl receive their results by post.  

Post Results Services:

Reviews of Marking, Clerical Checks and copies of your exam scripts can be ordered via the online store.  Please read the document Which Post Results Service do I need? and also speak with staff at at College to determine which services will be appropriate for you.  Deadline and Fee information for A/AS Level qualification is available here and for GCSE's you can find it here.  If you have any questions about these services please contact the Exams Officer on 01420 592209.


Re-sit Applications for GCSE English (PEARSON) and GCSE Maths (AQA) for November 2019 should be booked via the Online Store: Click here!


In February, summer entries (first time entries made by teaching staff and any re-sit entries purchased separately) will appear on students individual Insight exam timetable. 

A contingency exam day has been arranged by the exam boards and this will also be added to students exam timetable.  The contingency day has been arranged for GCSE and/or GCE examinations, should sustained national or local disruption arise during the summer examination series.  The date that has been set aside as the contingency exam day is Wednesday 24th June 2020.  With this in mind, please make a note of the reserve exam date to ensure availability should an exam need to be rearranged.


Sixth Form students will be able to view their timetables on Insight once the official summer entries deadline has passed.  A Moodle post will be sent out to inform students once timetables are available to view.

Students must check the following: 

  • Their name and DOB are correct
  • Their candidate number matches the candidate number on their Student ID Card
  • Their Access Arrangements are showing correctly
  • All the entries they were expecting to see are on their timetable.

A guide on how to check your timetable is available here . If there are any errors students must report this to the Hub as a matter of urgency to ensure we can make the necessary corrections.


DEADLINE to make re-sit application(s) is FRIDAY 7TH FEBRUARY 2019 at MIDNIGHT.  We will not accept any late entries after this date.

Please remember that for new linear qualifications a re-sit will involve retaking all components of the qualifcation.  In some cases it may be possible to carry forward practical/spoken language endorsements or coursework elements.  Please check with Teachers or the Exams Officer.

If you left College in summer 2019 and wish to re-sit exams please make sure you remember to pay the admin fee for recent leavers while paying for your entries.  Students who left earlier than 2019 will need to apply as a private candidate.  Details about this can be found here


Access arrangements include:  extra time, readers, scribes, use of a word processor and separate invigilation.

National JCQ regulations and guidelines dictate what access arrangements students are entitled to. If you have previously had (either here at College or at your previous school) or think you may be entitled to Access Arrangements for exams please contact Learning Support.

Access Arrangements must reflect the students normal way of working in class.

Applications for Access Arrangements for exams in the Summer series will not be accepted by the exam boards after 21st February.  It is important that you contact learning support as early as possible in the academic year to ensure enough evidence can be collected to support your application.

Access Arrangements show on the students Learning Support Tab and the Exams Timetable pages on Insight.  Students may have more than one type of access arrangement showing to reflect the arrangements they need for different kinds of exams.  Access Arrangements prefaced with JCQ will cover all A Level, AS, A2 and GCSE exams. Seperate arrangements will be listed for BTEC exams, Functional Skills and HE qualifications.  Students should check these carefully and report any errors to Learning Support or the Student Hub.

For further information please see:

Guide to Examinations Access Arrangements

Policy for Awarding Word Processors in Examinations


Special Consideration applications can only be made after the exam has taken place and cannot be made in advance.  The student needs to complete and submit an application form, which is available from the Student Hub.  Applications must be submitted within 7 days after the exam has taken place.

To find out more about special consideration click here


Students will receive an exam briefing late in the spring term as part of the Forum programme.  All exam procedures and regulations will also be available on Moodle.  The exams noticeboards are located in the corridor in the Student Hub and outside Room 63 on the Red Route in Foulkes.  Students should check this regularly for up to date information.

If you have any queries about exams that are not answered below please contact the Exams Officer on 01420 592209 between 9.00am and 3.00pm. or email frances.standen@alton.hsdc.ac.uk



  • If students have a morning exam: they are expected to return to their morning lesson if their exam finishes before the lesson ends. 
  • If students have an afternoon exam: they are exempt from any morning lesson if their exam is in the afternoon.  They are expected to return to their afternoon lesson if their exam finishes before the lesson ends.



All Certificates for Summer Exams/BTECS/CTechs will be dispatched by post late November/early December 2019 to the address the College has on record.  Certificates will be sent 2nd class post.  Alternatively, if you wish to receive them by a trackable service you can apply to have your Certificates sent by recorded delivery.  The cost for this service is £5.00.  Please apply via the online store


Students who took exams or completed a vocational qualification at Alton College last summer, can collect their certificates from the Student Hub on the set collection days in December.

Collection dates: TBC (will be announced in a Moodle post)

Students must present their student ID card in order to collect certificates - we cannot accept day passes.  We are sorry, but only the person named on the certificate can collect them.  We will not issue them to friends/family members/etc.

If students are unable to attend on any of the days published please contact the Exams Officer. 

These are important documents and the College is only allowed to store them for up to one year.  After this time we have to securely destroy them and students will be charged by the exam boards for any replacements required.  Please take the time to come and collect them.

Qualifications for which certificates will be available are: AS/A Levels, GCSE Maths & English, Functional Skills, FSMQ, BTEC all levels, CTech all levels.

Students who fail to collect their certificates on these dates will have them sent with any certificates to be issued for the following summer's exams.

We are sorry but we cannot faciliate ad-hoc collection of exam certificates.

Details of the College's achievement outcomes per the Department for Education's performance tables can be found here

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