College Notices: w/c 11th May 2015

by Kim Small.  

For All Students

College Car Park

  • Anyone using the College Car Park must have a valid Parking Permit (to be purchased through the online store)
  • When parking YOU MUST ONLY park in the marked bays – parking outside of the bays is NOT PERMITTED
  • Illegal parking is preventing staff and students from getting out of the car park!

Smoking – Important Reminders

  • Smoking is ONLY PERMITTED inside the 2 fenced designated smoking areas in College
  • DO NOT smoke around College buildings, entrances, and car parks
  • This also applies to E-cigarettes

Volunteering: Advice & Opportunities

  • The next date that the Volunteering co-ordinator will be in the Student Hub is Tuesday 23rd June (10.30am-2pm). In the meantime Tina can be contacted by email via
  • New volunteering opportunities are available in the Fleet, Aldershot, Eastleigh and Havant areas. This is an opportunity to volunteer in Youth Clubs for children with special educational needs and disabilities
  • For help and advice on volunteering opportunities, please contact Tina (

Alton College Students’ Union

Have your say in which charity we support as a College this year!

On the following slide there is a list of four charities which we as an SU have shortlisted as ones we would like to support this year

Now it’s in your hands, we ask that you as a PLD group choose one of these charities that you’d most like to support and feed back to us, so that we can tell you what decision has been made next week!

  • END IT – END IT is a charity that aim to bring awareness to modern slavery and human trafficking, in addition to carrying out prevention, rescue and restoration of the people who are victims of this. They aim to shine a light on slavery in the modern age.
  • The EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) – the EFF defends user privacy, free expression and innovation in the digital age. They do this through litigation, policy analysis, activism and technological development, and work to ensure that freedoms are enhanced as a use of technology increases.
  • Doctors without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontieres) – MSF provides assistance to populations in distress, to victims of natural or man-made disasters, and to victims of armed conflict. They do so irrespective of race, religion, creed, or political convictions.
  • MIND – MIND provide advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem. They campaign to improve services, raise awareness and promote understanding of various mental health problems.

Tutors – could you please count up the votes and email Freyja Barnard, SU Charity Officer with the results.

Many thanks

For 1st Year students on a 2 Year course

Alternatives to University

Many of you will be busy researching your university options

However, we also advise that you should be researching employment options for:

  • When you leave College
  • When you leave University
  • OR to help you make sure you’re making the right career/uni choice

What could you be doing?

  1. Check Moodle / Student Resources / Careers – where you will find lots of information on:
    • CVs and Covering letters
    • Apprenticeships
    • Career Choices……. And more
  2. Why not book an appointment with our Careers Advisor or go to a Careers drop-in (Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1-2pm)
  3. Suggested starting points:
    • Resource Companion
      • Think of this as a google for careers
      • (username & password: altoncareers)
    • Spartan Test –
      • Quick diagnostic test to give you a word cloud of careers that might be right for you
      • Quick test to give you career options, courses to study and more

Welcome to Year 2 Meetings

  • ALL students on the first year of a two year programme MUST ATTEND a ‘Welcome to year 2’ meeting on Monday 8th June in the Martin Read Hall as follows:
  • PLD groups ending in:
    • ‘A’ groups @ 10.10am
    • ‘F’ groups @ 10.35am
    • ‘N’ groups @ 11.00am
  • The above meetings are in place of normal timetabled lessons between 10.25am-11.25am – all other lessons run as per your timetable
  • An alternative session will be held on Tuesday 9th June at 1pm for those who are in Exams on Monday morning. Students who are unable to attend on either day must advise the Student Hub

Student Mentors/Ambassadors

We are again offering the opportunity for students to become Student Mentors/Ambassadors

  • Ideal candidates will be:
    • Achieving at or above their target grades
    • Have very good attendance
    • Display strong communication skills
  • Benefits for the students:
    • Excellent volunteering addition for Personal Statement
    • Volunteering Certificate
    • Personal Skills development and training this term
    • Free T-Shirts!
  • What the role involves:
    • Student Hosts at New Student Welcome Event on Thursday 9th July and Induction Day Monday 7th September
    • Linking to first year PLD groups during the Autumn term
    • Talking to first years about how to succeed at College
    • Signposting first years to College support
  • We really need nominations from all PLD groups to ensure we can give first year groups a good level of support
    • AS groups and BTEC groups
    • and some that would be happy to support BTEC Level 1 and 2
    • Our target is to have 2 students to link to each PLD group - All Personal tutors please nominate to link 4 students
    • Please discuss with your Personal Tutor - Tutor to email Jan Symes with a list of student names

For students intending to study medicine or dentistry

  • The UKCAT test is used in the selection process for many UK medical and dental schools
  • Registration is NOW OPEN
  • Visit for further information, to register and to book
  • Further information on university admission tests can be found on Moodle under Student Resources/Higher Education
  • If you are applying for medicine or dentistry but not attending ACC please let Kim know (

For 2nd Year Students

Leaving College

  • If you haven’t already done so, please collect a copy of the Leaving College–what do I need to do? hand-out from your Tutor
  • Remember to:
  • Check your contact address/details on Insight – collect a form from the Hub if anything needs amending
  • Hand in your locker key to the Hub after your last exam to claim your £10 refund
  • Return all College resources from the LRC and/or departments
  • Make your selection through the online store for how you would like to receive your Exam Certificates

UCAS – helpful reminders

  • Keep your Personal ID and password for Track safe
  • Make sure you update your contact details in Track – otherwise you may miss vital updates (we advise you to change your email to a non-college email when you leave – if you check this more regularly)
  • Regularly check Track
  • Don’t be on holiday when your results are published on the 13th August