College Notices: w/c 17th November 2014

by Kim Small.  

For All Students:

Children in Need

  • The Students' Union ran around last Friday bucket shaking and selling doughnuts and raised a total of £700.
  • Thank you for your generous donations.

Drive iQ

  • Essential driving information and on-line training - FREE!
  • Tutors, please show this short film - click here -
  • The link to the website where you can set up your personal Drive iQ account will be sent by moodle post. Simply select the student tab... you can then quickly set up your account
  • Select the Drive iQ tab on your Account page and get started by choosing one of the modules. Work your way through these in PLD time over the next few weeks. There is also an App that you can download and use if you wish.

The Alternative

  • Issue 4 being launched this Wednesday
  • ISIS * Climate change * Reading Festival * political apathy * contemporary art * Gay-Straight Alliance * film & music reviews * plus more!
  • View the complete issue at or read selected articles around College

GSA and CU

  • Invite you to a friendly event for the community of Alton College
  • With discussion from both groups; students can chat about what it means to be Gay and Christian today
  • In the DLC (Austen) from 1-2pm on the 20th November
  • Biscuits and squash will be available
  • This is a completely friendly event and a zero tolerance to hate speech will be enforced

College Open Evening

  • Tuesday 25th November
  • 6pm to 9pm
  • Normal timetables will run throughout the day from 8.50am to 4.30pm, i.e. NO early finish 

Raising the Mary Rose

  • Development of Underwater Acoustic Positioning: The Mary Rose being raised to the surface after 437 years on the sea bed
  • Hear about the Engineering, Physics and Maths behind this historic event from Nigel C Kelland; Operational Director (Retired): Sonardyne International Ltd
  • Thursday 27th November
  • 12.30-1.30pm Martin Read Hall
  • All welcome!

Non Teaching Day

  • Friday 28th November
  • Your teachers will be giving you work to do so that you can study at home 

Governor/Student Forum (2nd Years) - 4th November

Thanks from Governors to all who came along, twelve 2nd year students met with four governors - positives have been put on Insight for attendees and information fed back to College management and Governors.

  • Buses - lots of feedback. If you need to complain go directly to Stagecoach via their customer services (SOUTH.ENQUIRIES@STAGECOACHBUS.COM) or 0345 121 0190 (calls are charged at local rate) or Twitter @StagecoachSouth (which also gives up to date details of late running buses). Keep the College in the loop via Student Hub. Use option on registers for 'late due to transport problems'.
  • Catering - comments have been passed to Caterlink (Healthy Option stickers, cost, plastic knives and forks, nut allergies etc.) please make any other suggestions to SU.
  • Refectory - Suggestion for opening up class rooms or Martin Read Hall in wet weather will be considered by Senior Management Team but only if students are able to keep spaces tidy.
  • IT Facilities - If there is a broken computer/specific problem please raise a hub ticket so that it can be fixed (or contact
  • Enrichment - College is open to student-led Enrichment activities - please make any suggestions to a member of College Management
  • Other issues discussed - Computing/equipment for specific courses, Student packs / workbooks, Class sizes, Insight, Food Vouchers, Student Surveys
  • Full notes from the meeting can be found on Moodle under Student Resources / Infomration and Policies

Do you have a part-time job?

  • How many hours a week do you work earning money?
  • National research shows that the progress of students who have a part-time job for more htan 8 hours a week can suffer dramatically. We realise earning money can increase your independence, but if you work more than 8 hours a week it is likely your results will drop by at least a grade
  • Please, try to keep your hours to under 8 per week

Live Stand up Comedy

  • Live Stand up Comedy in Wessex Arts theatre on campus
  • Fri 5th Dec, 8.30pm start
  • 25% discount for parents and students on all tickets. Great night out for you/your friends and families
  • To book students will need to use your Alton College email address and use the discount coupon code 'ACStudent' and parents should use the code 'ACParent'

Action for today:

  • Work through the 'Perception' module on Drive iQ and one other to feed back on next week

For 1st Years of a 2 year course 

University of Reading - FREE Medieval History Day

  • Year 12 Medieval History Day
  • Run by the departments of History and Archaeology
  • Monday 15th December, 10am - 3pm
  • Venue: Whiteknights Campus
  • A day of talks, lectures and practical sessions relevant to the AS History and Archaeology curriculum
  • Participate in sessions on the following areas: * The archaeology of Crusading * Diet and disease in medieval England * Medieval Teenagers - practical activity and bone handling * Medieval Magic * Overhearing Medieval Conversations * Monks and Arthur: Archaeology and History at Glastonbury Abbey
  • To book please email:

For 2nd Years

Alton College UCAS Deadline

  • Monday 24th November: FINAL College deadline for all applications
  • ALL applications must be signed off at UCAS clinic (running daily from 1-3pm in the LRC - please don't leave it until the 24th November as there will be long queues!
  • Any applications submitted after this date will be considered late and as such as we cannot guarantee that they will meet the UCAS 15th January deadline!